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Jaime M

Professional Voice Over
Altamonte Spring, Florida
Active over a week ago

Salesman in Altamonte Spring, Florida

I'm an
JAIME MARZOL 725 NORTHLAKE BLVD. #61 ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL 32701 Ph--... Email: [email protected] DISC JOCKEY --... DIAMOND CLUB/ CRYSTAL CABARET 527 N Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL --... Pick upbeat, non-offensive music. Play it continuous, back to back with no dead air in between. Keep a rotation of entertainers going on the stage from 7PM till 1:55 in the morning. Announce the entertainers as they take the stage. Announce club drink specials. Take song requests. Customer service, customer service, customer service. Customers would come up all night requesting music that is not on the club format. I needed to work with them, making other suggestions that are close to what they want but within the club format and send them away with a smile on their face. Also I needed people skills to keep the entertainers from tearing each other up. I also observed that city ordinances were obeyed. The job took people skills, dependability, and patience. --... Cinema Vortex I write filmmaking books that analyze the director’s craft and also restore old public domain films in an editing computer using Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and a variety of encoders to clean the digital video. I use Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word for the books. Each book comes with a reconstruction DVD. The DVDs comes complete with special features, menus and commentary track. I videotaped and set up the audio for the special feature interviews. Everything had to be put away due to structural damage to our home which is where my office was. It’s in the hands of a lawyer now but I intend to continue on a part time basis as soon as the lawsuit is over. Booking Agent --... K&M Artist and Management Miami Shores, FL Created promotional kits for bands then I took these kits to clubs that employed bands and tried to get my bands hired for a 10 to 15% commission. I made all the promo kits. The videography, the photography was shot and processed and printed by me, over night. I also typed their bio, song list and equipment list. I used a Minolta X700 camera and a Mamiya 220 dual lens reflex to take the pictures. For lighting I used 2 photo stands. 2, 283 Vivitar flashes with a flash slave on flash 2, and 2 reflective umbrellas, A stainless steel canister to process the negatives A Beseler 220XL to print the negatives. A fast print washer to clean the prints. The club would have their promo the next day. To the higher budget clubs I would also deliver 2, 16x20 prints. I did show cases with the bands that worked for our agency. In a centrally located club I had one night where 5 bands would play and I'd invite the managers or surrounding clubs to see them for employment. The club managers that were invited to the show cases were previously visited by me and given promo kits of the acts performing. We booked bands in clubs from North Carolina to Key West. I would map out the schedules so they would not be zigzagging all over the state. I did all the voice overs for our radio spots I finally had to close the business because trends changed and clubs started using Disc Jockeys instead of bands. I speak fluent Spanish Education and Training Completion Date Issuing Institution Location Degree Received Course of Study 1973 coral park senior high FL High School Diploma High School Diploma 1988 Miami Dade North B&W Dark Room, Studio Lighting Community College 1971 27th Branch University Commercial Art Of Miami 1970 Martin Art Academy Commercial Art Occupational Licenses & Certificates Certification Title Issuing Organization Completion Date electrical wiring Sears --...

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