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Richard C

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Experienced Manager & Sales Leader ISO Lucrative & Long-Term Position
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Salesman in Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm an
Salesmen are born, they cannot be made. They cannot be hired, they will hire you. Managers can be made, they need not be born. Einstein's gift was physics, as we Newton's. Edison's gift was (not engineering or science) business negotiations and diligence. Others' gifts are typically in a science related field or venture capitalism. My gifts are managing people, projects, and parties, and I'm sure you won't hire me to organize a party. I know how to say "hello" and I know how to say "sign here". I can begin and I can close. For every hour that passes is one more hour closer to death. Live life like it's your last, cuz it may be. I won't close everyone, but I sure will try. I can sell like a mf, but I can teach your people how to sell like that and make you bank. It's up to you. My gift...people. I know people. I can teach that as well. When you have somebody like me you are truly blessed. With an IQ 25 points higher than my hero (Albert) I see EVERYTHING differently...EVERYTHING. Get me on-board, give me the keys to the vault, and just stand back and watch magic in motion...just stay out of my way and you will be VERY happy. :) Look, I may be unorthodox, and I might get away with saying the damndest things to the damndest people, but that doesn't make me wrong. I WILL increase your gross sales, profitability, customer satisfaction, customer retention, reputation, and maybe more recognition than you have ever had or than you ever thought you could have. The next step is yours. I'll be here...waiting.
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Dickie M

Rich isn't just a hard worker, but he understands what it takes to succeed, AND he isn't afraid to take risks. In my experience, I have never met a more unorthodox, yet crazy profit producing animal than Rich. I would have kept him for years, but he left to go back to Vegas where he is happiest. This guy is just different. He is the most extraordinarily intelligent person I have ever met, but with this coupled with his personal life (mostly "past") his style of management and even sales/sales mgt is strange as hell, but wow...so efffective. He expects what one should and teaches what most don't. This is the guy you just hand the keys to and walk away. Do not micro-manage him as he will pull his head back into his shell. Give him space. Don't tell him how to do anything unless he asks you. Like I said, give him the keys, then walk away. He is very sensitive towards looking over his shoulder. Don't do that or you will regret it. Also, when you address him you have to be very specific with your words. He doesn't get upset over anything except family, so if you want to criticize him, go ahead. He enjoys hearing bad shit about him because the more flaws he can correct, the closer he gets to perfection. He is also the most objective person I have ever heard of. He can pick himself apart, criticize himself, and in most cases correct himself. If he needs help he will ask for it. One more thing before I close. He is strictly money motivated. The more he makes, the happier he gets. The happier he gets, the more money he makes you. It's a two-way street and a win-win. I truly wish him luck and hope you have as much production out of him that I did.

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